Inspired by the Bauhaus – Geometric Ceramic Tableware by Design K

We’ve covered the Bauhaus extensively here and many of the architects and designers who worked at this famous design school. The integration of craft and design was so important and ripples can still be felt today. We ourselves reference many of thoughts and ideologies that derived from this school. Recently there’s been much debate about whether there were too many rules present at the Bauhaus, something I could see as a negative but I think is proven wrong by the work we see here from Design K Ceramics.

Owned by Byung, a London based designer, this collection of ceramics were inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s ‘Triadisches Ballett’ that dates back to 1916. The pieces reference the cheerful, burlesque mood of the ballet performance with the abstract, geometric style of the outfits that were certainly visually exciting for the time. Even today, this combination we see here challenges the functionality of these pieces and the relationship between ceramic as a material and the overall design.

As you know, I have a keen interest in this contrast between clean, contemporary design and handcrafted design. What actually makes an object timeless? These works here are artful and handmade but still have a strong link to industrial design. It’s certainly an interesting experiment and one that I could see coming straight from the Bauhaus itself. Byung has surely succeeded in his work then.