Landscaping Human Form – Ceramic Sculpture by Kerryn Levy

When considering ceramics, what comes to mind? A figurine? A colourful coffee mug?

I can assure you the nothing in your imagination will quite prepare you for Kerryn Levy’s awe-inspiring pieces.

When constructing these items, Levy’s imagination knows no bounds. Her shapes curve, spiral and twist seeming to defy gravity. She complements them with stark colors that are modern, earthy and dramatic. Blacks, whites, deep browns and tans are all used to make for an aesthetic that brings a sense of simplicity to the otherwise complex design.

It may come as no surprise that this Adelaide based potter turns to the flora and fauna of the Australian landscape for inspiration. Her weekend camping trips help her incorporate tree and stem like shapes into the handmade pieces she creates.

Reading her bio, one can learn more about Levy’s creative processes. She uses her art to express her love of clay, nature and beauty. More than that, her artistic endeavours help her connect with people. She notes that her methods of wheel turning and clay throwing allow her to create pieces that long to be held and pay tribute to the human body.

Levy’s ceramics are both sculptural and functional. She creates pieces that are stunning in and of themselves but many of them also serve as flowerpots and candleholders. The fact that these pieces can be a part of conventional household use adds to their appeal.

Due to the unusual shape of the objects, they are best suited for modern, contemporary and industrial interiors. They can also complement rooms that have a strong use of natural material throughout.

Levy clearly spends a painstaking amount of time creating each unique piece. When added to décor, they make for a standout element that brings a sense of nature and humanity to indoor dwellings. Incorporate them into your rooms to make an unforgettable artistic statement.