Muhayu Pottery – Hand Crafted Vessels by Korean Maker Yeong Tak Han


White is an interesting colour, and is one that I’ve gravitated towards my whole life. Even as a child, empty spaces have always appealed and have struck a chord with me both spiritually and aesthetically. Now that I’m starting to understand the reasons why, one thing that has struck me is our emotion towards white objects. Rarely do we see white as a negative state of being, usually we think of it as something with possibility. A blank canvas of sorts.

This way of thinking certainly guided me to the work of Korean Maker Yeong Tak Han. Owner of a small pottery named Muhayu, Yeong Tak Han worked as a photographer before going on to become a full-time potter in his hometown of Daejeon. Aesthetically his pots are quite sparse, using white as a base for many of his pieces, but the shapes themselves are often flavoured with a traditional Korean sensibility.

It also occurred to me that many of his photos are of his vessels with something in them, such as planting or other foliage, using these pieces to represent a blank canvas to stamp someone’s own identity. It’s also nice to see the little markings up close on the porcelain body, showing a change in shading when looked upon with detail. Hopefully you like these, if you do there’s also a selection in his online shop so these might be worth getting your hands on. Enjoy.