New Maker at OEN Shop – Ceramics by Japanese Potter Makoto Asebi

We kick off the first newsletter of the year with a new maker and a set of new works in the shop. Not a bad way for it to begin. I was drawn to the work of Makoto Asebi last year, a Japanese potter who now resides in Kamakura, Japan. His studio has a rural feel with wooden shutters and lots of planting scattered around outside, a quiet space that looks both calm and understated. So I feel like this must of rubbed off on to his work in some way as many of his works hold similar values.

Even though these are made using the pottery wheel many of his works have a hand built quality about them. As a craftsman it’s important for your character to shine through in the work and Makoto Asebi certainly does that here. I leave you with a few photos from our first shipment, I’m sure in the future we will have plenty more from him and cover many of his making processes from inside his studio. Enjoy.

Pottery by Makoto Asebi available here →

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