Organic Textures & Colours – Ceramics by Aage and Kasper Wurtz


A fantastic range of ceramics by Danish father and son team Aage and Kasper Wurtz. Aage Würtz began an apprenticeship at one of the many Jutland potteries producing ceramic lamps, later going on to found his own tableware workshop in the early 80’s. After a small hiatus he returned to pottery in the 90’s, focusing on making ceramics that are organic in style. His son Kasper joined him in opening a small studio workshop and they continue to work together until this day.

In fact, Kasper has been able to add a youthful and contemporary element to this organic style, and that’s what I love most about their ceramics. He has been able to secure collaborations with the likes of Restaurant Noma, who discovered Würtz tableware in 2004, and has since become part of the restaurant’s trademark style.

These glazes remind me of the work by Japanese potter Misa Kumabuchi of Mushimegane Books, they’ve been able to spray on and use different pigments to enhance the glazing and add a subtle texture on the surface of the pot. It’s not too overpowering, just right. I hope you like these images here and will go on over to their website, they have plenty more on offer.