Pursuing the Essential – Handcrafted Ceramics by Jim Franco


Having a background in different creative disciplines is always a big advantage for any maker. For example experience in drawing can play a part in representing your idea as a physical entity, as well as painting being an experimentation with colour and tone. Everything links back to design in some form or manner, it’s just how to interpret the world and the things around us. You can find inspiration in the smallest of details.

Photographer Jim Franco has used his experience of composing photographs and taking pictures to create handcrafted ceramics of a similar nature. As an already widely published, New York City-based lifestyle photographer, shooting for publications and clients such as Conde Nast Traveler, The Plaza Hotel and many more, he now divides his time between the two disciplines. I’m positive his photographic career has really inspired his aesthetic sense, creating work that’s free of distraction with a strong focus on simplicity.

As a fellow potter who’s experimenting with porcelain, I’m inspired by his use of the material here and the muted colour palette. Nothing too flashy or in your face, just a nice combination of natural looking colours like sea blue and earth brown. They could sit in any environment quite beautifully, blending in and having a quaint charm. If you’d like to discover more about Jim Franco and his work you should start at Dara Artisans, who have documented his work and took photos inside of his studio. You won’t be disappointed!