Redefining The Modern Table – Cookplay Porcelain Tableware by Ana Roquero

I’ve always admired systems in design and the way in which objects can work together in unison. I think it’s the versatility and functionality of these systems that really inspires me, so it makes sense to me that this should be a strong focus for any designer and how they can incorporate this in to their work.

Cookplay was founded in Bilbao by industrial designer Ana Roquero. Ana worked as a consultant for many years, working with the likes of Norman Foster and other design orientated companies. Her company Cookplay consists of a few collection of tableware in which she is trying to make mass produced pieces of tableware that can redefine the way in which we use them in a modern setting.

I think by incorporating handmade elements with a clean contemporary style really makes these stand out and I can imagine them being used in many different settings. Even though they are moulded, they have been designed with care and still have a quirky character that isn’t often seen in more mass produced works. Here are a few photos of the work, more can be seen on the website linked below. Enjoy.