Referencing Earth & Landscape – Ceramics by Swedish Maker Ulrica Trulsson

I think ceramics in general is a very difficult field to break through in to. On the whole a lot of styles and shapes have been tested in the past and no matter what you will always be associated with the makers who have come before. Saying that, even though it’s difficult to differentiate yourself it’s important to stay focused on your inspirations and what these mean to you as an artist and a human being. These offer the best base to work from and will eventually give the objects you make a voice of their own.

Ulrica Trulsson is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Adelaide, Australia. She travelled to Australia from her home country of Sweden when she was a teenager, first settling in Melbourne but later moving to Adelaide in 2012 to pursue her pottery. What I wanted to talk about today is her forms that exude her story, linking her Swedish roots of simplicity and utilitarianism with that of the Australian landscape, incorporating oranges, browns and other rocky textures that you might link with the environment of the outback.

Such relationships are hard to see in most artist’s work but in Ulrica’s work it’s in plain sight and I think that should be praised. As well as that the different clay bodies are subtly mixed to look natural on the eye, the forms also shape in and out quite dramatically making for a visual treat. I hope you like these newest pieces from her portfolio, more can be seen on the link below. I recommending scanning all the way back as you can quite clearly see the progression and I trust this will be inspiring for those who are up and coming.