Searching for Nature’s Elements – Pool & Aqua Series by Anna Badur

From the elaborate curves of certain plants and the detailed patterns on seashells to the soft flow of water, nature’s design offers plenty we can draw from to use in creative processes. German artist, Anna Badur, has always had a fascination with nature and is often using its principles as inspiration in her work. Her Pool and Aqua series is a playful experiment with the idea of flowing water on porcelain tableware.

Badur is driven by an experimental approach in her design work. With this series, porcelain plates and platters are dipped into different colours. By playing around with the evaporation and diluting processes of the colour, the movement of water is captured. What makes this series so unique is that each piece is partly left to chance and no two look the same. The coloured patterns on the white background look like a water stain on paper and also reminds me of puddles outside on a rainy day.

This series, which comes in three different sizes, has the distinct feel that characterised Badur’s work: Flowing colour on a clean background. Like her other bodies of work, the Pool series in-particular has been created with the trial-and-error method. In other words, the result is unknown and determined only by the flow of the process. Much like the unpredictability of nature.

Badur’s work is simple, soft and flowing, able to blend in between other objects. It is not forced in any way and has been mostly left to the material and creative process to produce the end product. I believe Badur has found the perfect method to simply capture the beauty of nature in everyday objects, to create art in an unexpected way.


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