Structured Organic Forms – Vessels by Ceramicist and Designer Eric Roinestad

When I design I tend to think about using the least number of elements possible. I often dislike adding spouts or handles to objects or vessels as they tend to disrupt the flow of the form and often create a kind of imbalance. So when I see others who are doing it in a way that’s proportionate and well-rounded it’s really inspiring to see and is worthy of highlighting.

Eric Roinestad is a ceramicist, designer and art director based in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in California and now designs unique sculptural objects for the home. The current collection is inspired by the natural landscape of southern California, as well as taking inspiration from Eric’s Scandinavian heritage.

I was personally drawn to them because they are quite elegant in form but use various elements that make them distinctive on the eye. They are organic and earthy, but at the same time modern in the way that the sculptures are angular. Often they go from angular to round, which makes for an unusual effect on the eye. The surfaces are understated and use a few lines on the body of the vessels to draw the eye in. A fantastic range which I urge you to see on his website linked below, I’ll be watching from now on to see what else is produced in the future. Enjoy.