A Family of Glassware – Beak Collection by Tomas Kral Product Design Studio

Glass is a craft that’s very hard to decipher. On one hand I’m intrigued by the making process, but I often find the forms made by craftsmen are sculptural and not functional. I can see intrigue in creating sculptural designs as it’s expressive, but simple, functional works can be hard to come by and this is one of the reasons I jumped at stocking the work of Studio Prepa in the shop. Since they are hard to come by I’ve been hunting for different designers who are working in this medium and Tomas Kraj is one of them.

Tomas Kral’s product design studio has been experimenting with a mixture of shapes in their series for Nude Glass. This particular series seen here consists of a long and wide vase, as well as a set of cup-like vessels. The shapes are particularly nice as they lend themselves to being easy to pick up, thanks to the angular shape of the vessels, and the pouring is easy due to the spout detail on the top of the glass.

Obviously the character of these is slightly different to that of a handmade product, there aren’t many quirky details, but at the same time they are very well thought out and for this I applaud them. Here are a selection of photos but more projects like this can be seen on the website linked below. Enjoy.