A Look Around Truck Furniture and Bird Coffee in Osaka, Japan

Through this website that I started many years ago I’ve been privileged to not only talk about inspiring creative individuals but also to meet them in person. I guess that could be a perk of the job? One of those is Tok, full name Tokuhiko Kise, who owns a little studio in Osaka with his wife Hiromi Karatsu called Truck Furniture.

Now, if you haven’t visited their website before you’re going to be in for an absolute treat today, particularly if you’re interested in photography. The husband and wife duo both take pictures but I know Hiromi shoots most of them on her set of film cameras, both inside the home and at the studio.

Tok explained to me about their house and how it connects on to the studio/showroom with their own cafe named Bird Coffee attached to the side of the structure. They also have a relative who makes her own leather goods by hand such as wallets and bags, she lives and works near them and her stuff is sold on the Truck webshop. It’s extraordinary to see so much creativity knocking around in one location and is definitely on my list of places to visit next year.

They’ve gained lots of high profile followers and it’s well deserved really. They offer something really original and different and look to express themselves in as many ways as possible, whether it be through the architecture and interior of their home, or the furniture in which Tok and his team makes, even the food that they serve in their cafe.

I’m a big admirer and you’re sure to enjoy this selection of imagery that I put together today from their website, featuring the interior of the Truck showroom, their home, and Bird Coffee. We should be looking to stock a few of their catalogues in the shop when it opens on February 13th. So look out for that as well.



  • yhbhs

    inspiring to say the least…. i’ve always wanted to visit them in Osaka….

  • Jack Williams

    Heading to Japan in a month. I”ll be sure to check this place out.

  • Furniture Gloucestershire

    This place looks fantastic, some great rustic looking furniture in the cafe. Nice work.

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