Aesthetically Minimal – Red Oak Circuit by Sara Martinsen

Red Oak Circuit by Sara Martinsen 3

Sara Martinsen has been on my radar for a while now. Her use of natural materials, especially found materials, is quite exceptional and makes her work stand out from the pack.

This particular piece titled ‘Red Oak Circuit’ is a unique sculpture that has the concept of using underutilized wood species in the making process. By using small rectangular pieces of red oak, which are off-cuts from the production process at workshops, the ‘Red Oak Circuit’ object highlights the cross grain and end grain to create a distinct pattern that’s intriguing and unique.

As well as the aesthetic qualities, the work raises awareness of the over-consumption of European white oak, presenting American red oak as a worthy alternative. There are many ways in which we are failing in the field of craft and design, most notably in wastage. It’s great that contemporary designers such as Sara Martinsen are looking at better ways to utilize this ‘wastage’ and bring forward new life to a new form. Making things that we can still use and admire for a lifetime.

Red Oak Circuit by Sara Martinsen 1

Red Oak Circuit by Sara Martinsen 4

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