Alvar Aalto Vases

I’ve become quite spontaneous with my posts here on the site, I used to use this space as a place to showcase random bits and bobs with no direct meaning but as time’s passed my taste has become much for refined and the direction of this website has become a lot clearer. I guess I want to offer something different to everything else out there and to ultimately have our own flavour and taste. Something I think that has become more apparent over the last six months.

Opening the shop this year will become a key factor and is hopefully something you guys are all looking forward to, it’s about time we released something of our own after using other peoples work to get inspired by over the years. Maybe we can do the inspiring? This post will hopefully be a bit of a change to our mens clothing schedule and will add to the whole lifestyle element, a nice selection of glassware for you to peruse.

I decided to pick up a collection of imagery and a video featuring Alvar Aalto’s glass vases, the photos also feature some other great pieces from Verner Panton, Ole Jensen and many more terrific creatives. All were sourced from a little blog that I found called ‘The Design Hoarder’ which is a visual archive of the owners collection of home wares, furniture and random objects, most of them being design led. I tried to select the images that featured some Alvar Aalto pieces, for example the one below the video which is very spectacular and shows off the wonderful colourations of the glass and also the amazing ‘Dali’ type curvy styling that Alvar seemed to use in many of his buildings.

The video is another recommended watch and shows the process of how the vases are made, paying particular attention to the texture and the purity of the glass, which is something you don’t think about all too often. Overall a great selection of stuff can be found on ‘The Design Hoarder’ or by even checking out the Aalto website, I hope you get inspired by the works and these two great destinations.