Architectural Expression – Sculptural Minimalism by Kristina Dam Studio

Less is more. This statement doesn’t make much sense on first glance, but it seems to be an unofficial motto of many talented designers. Extravagance is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and I for one am glad that is the case. Overly complex structures with an abundance of detail and decoration can be pleasing on the eye but they lack a certain factor. They lack the elegance factor.

This artistic instinct for elegance can be found in Scandinavia, more specifically in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kristina Dam Studio, founded by talented Kristina Dam provides us with an enormous selection of furniture, sculptures and all the other items which aesthetically improve a home. Quality of the designs, even with so many produced items, remains first class. Both an architect and a graphic designer, Dam’s pool of knowledge when it comes to beauty and functionality has been put to use in the best way possible. The studio’s latest collection of designs, coined “Sculptural Minimalism” is perfect evidence of that.

The colour palette used for the designs is mostly monochromatic, with hints of oak brown and gold. Having a plentiful palette is simply not their style. However, the material they use is a different story completely. That’s where they get really creative. Black powder-coated steel, marble, oak, concrete and brass are only some of the materials they use in creating beauty. Even terracotta is featured in the studio’s work!

The finished design, whichever item one chooses from the collection, is a sight to behold. Being a sucker for black, not pointing out their grid cabinet feels like a crime to me. As a storage unit, it does its job better than most cabinets due to its transparency, as well as the usual, you know, holding of items. As a beautiful piece of furniture it is exceptional, subtle, and of course, as all the other designs in the collection: It is elegant.

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