Artistic Shed From Milos Todorovic

Serbian Designer Milos Todorovic originally crafted this piece for the shed of the year competition, since last year it has sat in his portfolio and I considered it a great waste of a creative project with it not being seen, so when I stumbled across it I got in contact with him for some added info, and here it is today with us. The concept and brief Milos wanted to achieve was an area to provide peaceful and quiet moments for artist, allowing them to seeminglesly paint outdoors, come good or bad weather. His intention he discussed with me was to separate the owner from the enclosed spaces and bring them closer to nature, he spoke of an interesting comparison here of impressionist , and if you think about it they both do the same job, as a fixture Milos wanted to give the impression of being at one with nature in this piece. The large glass panels provide plenty of light, with the glass roof being an additional option, A modern design that would inspire many a young artist im sure.

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