Boiacca Table by LucidiPevere

As a man that’s not particularly fond of so called ‘cold’ objects this particular project that I’m showcasing today was up in the air for a while. I’ll explain why as we go on but I have to admit recently I’ve been drawn to items with more substance and character rather than strict minimalism, I think it’s important to find that balance which is sometimes lacking in the design world, particularly in this day and age. A lot of the design stores and shops sell products that are pretty standard in my opinion, there’s nothing interesting or different about the items and most them stock the same old designer brands, this one today though is slightly different.

It’s a table designed by LucidiPevere, a design studio in Milan, which was founded by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere who both graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in Industrial Design. They’ve designed for many companies operating in a variety of fields, most prominently lighting, tableware and also furniture, hence the table seen in this post. Now you may wonder why this partnership would actually work, I thought this myself when I came across the studio early morning, but luckily they’ve both got some individuals traits that make them click pretty well and I definitely think this shines through in the final piece. First up, Paolo comes from an artistic background, he has also worked in a factory and has experience in working with customers and focusing on their needs. Luca on the other hand worked for Mitsubishi and Hitachi and has gained valuable technical experience in the field of industrial design, so structurally he adds a uniform element to each piece of furniture. I think this is pretty vital in their success since both have come together to add their own vibe and this is one of the reasons why I picked the project for the site.

Although the table could be seen as quite modernist and maybe plain, they way they’ve crafted it has a real handmade element and with the objects placed on top in some of the photos I could see how this table may work in an environment. I also like the fact that the separate elements intertwine and connect to make this final table, it’s very much a smart piece of engineering. As you can see I’ve gathered some photography together of the table and most importantly the making process which I think gives a unique insight into how they’ve made this, for more information regarding this project I’ve placed both a link to the LucidiPevere Design Studio and the Kristalia Furniture website below.

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