Cast Cairns – Sand Cast Bronze Stones by Designer Joseph Magliaro

My main goal is to inspire people and show that up and coming designers can, with hard work and determination, collaborate with artisans to harness their skillset so that you’re able to produce objects that push boundaries and offer something unique or thought provoking. We definitely need to use these people and I see a great gap in the market for it. Hopefully we can fill that a little in some way!

Joseph Magliaro lives in New York and works in the art and design fields but this series titled Cast Cairns is particularly fascinating as he worked with the bronze workers at the Carl Auböck factory in Vienna, Austria to craft these bronze stones using a sand casting method. These particular rocks were cast from rocks obtained from the coast of Oregon and Washington in 2011 by Joseph himself. A really cool project that shows the little details and intricacies when it comes to shape and form.

I thought this was fascinating in the regard that I’ve seen sculptors also use this technique of collecting found objects and studying the shapes and details. These then, a brass version of a natural stone, is almost like a still life that can be enjoyed and preserved at the same time as supporting the traditional skills crafted to use them. There’s more of a philosophical meaning behind this collection inspired by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze but I will let you explore that more on Joseph’s portfolio via the link below. I hope he continues to work with other makers in the future.