Ceramics and Objects by Sfera

A blog worth visiting is that of Iain Claridge, a small independent design studio based in Bristol, England. They’re regularly showcasing some inspiring imagery and great design related works, so today I decided to put together something that I spotted on their blog a few days back, the works of Sfera.

Although Iain Claridge captured some images they didn’t really delve into the company as such so I thought it would be nice to do so today and showcase some brand new works that they’ve got on their website. Sfera are based in Japan and have branches in Kyoto, Tokyo and Milan. They own some wonderful stores that all have different sections such as a cafe, bar, lifestyle shop, gallery and a book shop. Sfera wants to emphasise the handicraft culture in Japan and looks to explore the traditional aesthetics of their own country. Exploring the history but making objects for the modern age.

What I’ve picked out here is a just a small selection of their actual range which consists of such things as furniture, products, architecture, and interior design. These specific images represent “tools of everyday life”, including ceramics, kitchenware and home accessories. These are very much functional in their manner and are made from timeless natural materials, all pleasing on the eye and the hand.

As the days pass on in my life I’m getting more and more nerdy about the so called “Super Normal” products, the ones we have a relationship with but we don’t appreciate, everyday objects I suppose. It’s that whole concept that really intrigues me at the moment and these from Sfera really fuel the fire, so to speak. If you’ve got some spare time today I would highly recommend taking a hike towards their web page, lots of things to shift through.


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