Ceramics by James and Tilla Waters

I thought I’d highlight a series of ceramics from a little closer to home today as I’ve brought across the work of husband and wife team James and Tilla Waters who run their own studio from an isolated farm in Mid Wales. Given we are fascinated by a minimal outlook when it comes to functional ware it was really refreshing to come across work that was both simplistic and decorative. This is a real hard balance to find for us as too much and it’s difficult to see an object for its intended purpose and not something sculptural and artistic, and not enough can leave an object feeling like it’s not been made by hand at all.

Obviously we’ve got a huge appreciation of skill for everyone that works in a creative job or craft, I think when you study these topics each day like we do you begin to form your own tastes and ideas on certain mediums. One big influence for us was the playful mindset that was situated at the original Bauhaus in Wiemar, and for one reason or another todays series by the Waters reminded me of this very approach. These Cylindrical forms by James and Tilla is a project the pair began experimenting with two years back and they have been enjoying the subtle contrast between minimalism and their own individual expression ever since.

A handful of these were even included in the Collect exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery last May, so it’s an experiment by the pair that has become somewhat coveted as it’s developed. Both James and Tilla were trained in production throwing so they feel quite grounded in functional objects, this was just a means of branching out their imagination and creating quirky and individual designs. I’m sure these are going to be enjoyed by many of you, if you get a spare moment I’d recommend casting your eye over their other creations, all of which provide a little character and charm around the home. Go take a look for yourself and see what you think on the link below!


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