Ceramics by Fumihiro Toda

Coming across great ceramics and pottery has been quite an easy task for me lately, it doesn’t take long to find an artist I like whilst browsing a Japanese shop or website, this obviously gets me researching on that specific individual. Unfortunately when I arrive at their portfolio page they’re usually lacking on the image front, not in terms of substance but in terms of photo size so it’s hard to bring across and showcase, but there can be the rare case where you get an abundance of photography that’s hard to select from (since they’re all so good). This is one of those situations today when I stumbled upon Fumihiro Toda’s website which was crammed full of fantastic ceramics, he’s obviously handy with the camera as well, this was confirmed thanks to his personal Flickr page.

Fumihiro regularly uploads photos of his work on his Flickr profile, it’s usually a mixture of ceramics and random other shots taken in Japan, either way you get a real sense of his unique style so it’s really worth checking out. He was born in Nagano Prefecture and originally studied Economics at Tokyo Metropolitan University, but decided to turn his hand to ceramics in 1998 when he built his own kiln in the town of Ohata Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture. Throughout the years he has taken part in countless exhibitions and also a variety of solo exhibitions as well, which just shows the quality of his work and the skills that he has acquired thanks to hard work and dedication.

I have to say these pieces are very much up there as some of the best I’ve ever seen, I think it also helps that the photos are top notch as well and the ones taken on 35mm are particularly special. The graininess and the softness in the light just suits the form and structure so well and it instantly makes them appealing, it’s an unexplainable attraction. I’m positive you guys and girls are going to have a whale of a time on his website searching around and exploring the different works, the Flickr page sets it off perfectly as well so make sure you head there too for many pages of inspiration. I’m certainly hooked and I hope you will be too.