Chromatic Richness – Isla Vase Collection by Julie Richoz for Nouvel Studio

Sometimes it takes an artistic mind to articulate something much more compelling in a craft. It’s the old adage that a craftsman is much more orientated in the technical than a creative, thus I always say that teaming up these different mindsets creates very compelling work that extends the longevity in a product or object through design alone.

Swiss-French designer Julie Richoz works from her Paris-based studio where she looks to explore design language through different objects. Recently she worked with Nouvel Studio to create a collection of vases titled ‘Isla’ in blown glass that celebrates the chromatic richness of glass as a material and uses a number of different colours to manipulate the surface and create depth and intrigue.

This is one of the main reasons why I picked these out. Not only is the simplicity in the circular form unpredictable in its uniformity, you also have the opacity in the glass that creates a blending of layers making each piece truly unique. Here are a selection of my favourite pieces from Julie’s portfolio, more can be found on the links provided below. Enjoy.