Collection of work from Kristine Five Melvær

An overriding theme we often see here, and I’m sure many of you have noted previously, is the battle of the Japanese influence that we have going on. We are constantly amazed and blown away by the quality of craftsmanship this part of the world presents, I think their is definitely more onus within the Japanese culture to surround the home with items that have clarity of design and an air of minimalism, which we are big fans of. What we strive to create here however is a platform that highlights the fantastic work that is being completed across the globe, so we’ve kept our noses to the ground and I’ve come across an independent who’s put just as much consideration for simplistic design but is based here in Europe, within Norway to be precise.

Kristine Five Melvær is a promising young designer who balances her own independent projects alongside time working as a graphic designer in one of Olso’s most respected design studios. Having completed a masters in industrial design at Olso’s school of Architecture and Design, she spent time in Denmark at the Royal academy of fine art’s in Copenhagen broadening her knowledge of communication within design. As a result she strives to create objects that will be appreciated around the home for both their individual form and considered function, aiming to provoke a unique interaction within the objects she creates.

I was particularly drawn to her Liquid light that we see in the top image, a modern take on the traditional candle which presents the option of adding colour to the liquid to generate different moods within the room the object sits. This was inspired by the cobblers lamp that was prominent in the 17th century and is a clever way of making the most of the light a small candle creates. Not something you come across everyday but an object that would be a great addition to most homes in my opinion, especially after a day in front of the computer like many of us face, softer natural light is exactly what you want.

She is slowly building up a collection of other more quirky and individual creations over on her website which I recommend you go and visit if only as means of inspiration. I’m not sure if any of these are available to purchase or if they are just concepts at this moment, but I’m sure if you contacted Kristine she would be more than happy to update you on the situation. Go take a look and see what you think. Enjoy!

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