Considered Compositions – Line & Block Textiles by Catherine MacGruer

Patterns and colour have always been used to decorate and create ambience in a home. From detailed shapes and tones to bold forms, different pattern and colour combinations can enhance the atmosphere of a space. Catherine MacGruer is a Scottish designer who has turned her interest in how these design principles can be used in different ways to produce beautiful textiles for any interior.

The styles Catherine uses are inspired by her travels, as well as the diversity found in tile mosaics and patterns. She combines this with excellent quality and luxurious materials to create her modern ‘Line and Block’ textile collection, which includes cushions, blankets, and rugs. MacGruer’s designs are characterised by carefully considered geometric shapes and unique colour combinations. All of the pieces are knitted in the UK using 100% Merino wool and are then hand finished in her studio.

Looking at each piece there’s an obvious nod to the Bauhaus. The use of predominantly neutral colour ensures that the patterns do not overwhelm. During the design process, when the ideal composition is found MacGruer then moves to digital techniques to finish each piece. One thing I especially admire about Catherine is her consideration for local manufacturing, working closely with two small knit facilities in Leicester and Shetland to support the UK textile industry. This is really what we need, designers working in collaboration with industry to push it forward and bring more modern handcrafted design to a wider range of people. Here’s to Catherine MacGruer and her wonderful textiles!