Copper Industrial – Lighting Designed by Edward Linacre and Viktor Legin

Generally I don’t talk about lighting that much as it’s a field that’s dominated by fairly big companies that mass produce all sorts of designs. But actually this category of design has always intrigued me. Yes, the standard lighting you see in the shops can be a little boring, but it’s really fascinating when you think about all the ways in which you can manipulate light.

This work by Copper Industrial Design, founded by award winning Industrial Designers Edward Linacre and Viktor Legin, is very inspiring indeed. Not only do I like their simplistic approach when it comes to their use of material, using ‘less is more’ type principles, it’s also brilliant to see the different materials they’ve experimented with over the years, including those that are natural such as wood and other more industrial like concrete. Oh, and they’re also made locally in Australia which is a nice touch too.

As I said above, it’s interesting to see the ways in which light can be manipulated, but at the same time the form has to be pleasing and also let the light splay out in the intended environment. I personally think all of their designs so far are ticking the right boxes. Here are a small selection that I liked from their portfolio, others can be founf on the link below.