DaMoon Collection – Brass Lacquerware Designed by Chaehoon Moon


When I came across this fantastic video embedded below it led me to a collection of vessels by Korean designer Chaehoon Moon. This young creative has been able to harness her country’s traditions by working with two separate craftsmen, a Korean metalworker and a lacquer artist, to create these stunning forms.

The shapes themselves are created from brass, and the outer decoration is lacquer. The name DaMoon is a combination of her surname and the inner curve of the vessel represents a rich full moon, they also have reflective properties much like moonlight itself.

What’s inspiring for me is to see Chaehoon Moon applying her knowledge and know-how in to the production of modern design. Often makers from traditional crafts struggle to stay relevant in this day and age, but with the help of fellow designers like Chaehoon we’re able to show that there’s a different way of incorporating these skilled works in to our everyday lives. Here’s a few photos from the collection, I hope you’ll go on over to the website to see more and maybe even buy some to support the cause.

damooncollection.com chaehoonmoon.com