Designed Objects by Carl Auböck

After searching through the Leslie Williamson archives on her blog I came across this fantastic photo from the Handcrafted Modern book of the stuff on Walter Gropius’ desk. As I was routing around for more information it struck me that a fair few of the objects on the desk, mainly the stone and brass pieces, were made by the one and only Carl Auböck.

Carl (1900 – 1957) was an Austrian designer and painter, he’s regarded as one of the most accomplished and versatile designers of his generation and was a big name in Austrian modernism. He originally studied as an apprentice to a bronze and chisel worker when he was younger in his parents workshop, then went onto studying as a student at the Bauhaus in Weimar. No surprise there.

In the 40’s he created lots of handcrafted accessories and objects which were very high in quality, designing everything from bookends and cork screws, to lights and furniture. A few of the pieces can be seen above and below in which I’ve picked out from the Original Berlin web shop. They have a great selection of mid-century modern furniture by the way, check it out if you have a spare minute.

It’s funny that this sort of designer pops up again in our schedule, interesting to see how all the creatives that we’re inspired by link together in terms of education and their influences. For example I find Carl’s works to be quite humorous and comical, he definitely has a lighter side through his objects such as the foot or hand as a paper weight. Matched up with the incredible amount of detailing you’re definitely onto a winner. This sort of humour and exploration can be seen in many other artist and designers work such as Eames, Aalto or Calder.

Surprisingly enough you can actually buy some of these pieces at the Original Berlin store, which is quite amazing in my eyes since most of these things are usually out of the normal persons reach. I’ve got my eyes on the Walter Gropius full desk set, amazing stuff. You can now find some of Aubock’s items in our shop