Everyday Life’s Inspiration – Creative Rugs Handcrafted in Nepal by Atelier Fevrier

Wow! How cool are these rugs by Nepal-based brand Atelier Fevrier. This project is run by Florian Pretet, a French designer who previously worked in the fashion industry, and Lisa Mukhia Pretet who is a keen entrepreneur and creative with a passion for craft. They linked together perfectly on Atelier Fevrier to design these contemporary rugs that are handmade by Nepalese artisans.

The rugs are more than just rugs though, they are pieces of contemporary art. Each piece features unique patterns and textures that make them one of a kind and quite extraordinary. The production requires a great deal of skill and each one takes many months to produce. A complex pattern requires very dense knotting, with an average weaver tying around 10,000 knots per day. So you can imagine how long it might take to produce these beautiful designs!

In my opinion all that effort is worth it though and these final results are no different from artwork that’s being exhibited in a gallery. Although both Florian and Lisa come from different cultural and professional backgrounds they are bonded by their love for art and craft and have founded a project that’s really solid and inspiring. I hope you also like this project and will head on over to their website below to support them on their journey. Enjoy!