Expressive and Practical – Objects by Finnish Glass Artist Markku Salo


I seem to be positioning myself in realms where materials collide and new ideas come to fruition through experimentation. Take today’s talented creative Markku Salo, a Finnish designer and artist who makes works of art from glass. Initially I was attracted to the basic collection that makes up part of his portfolio, but I also enjoyed the fact that he’s been mixing and combining materials together. For example glass and wood, or glass and metal, thus creating some unique and interesting objects.

Markku Solo was awarded the Kaj Franck Design Prize in 2015, which was partly down to the overall creativity in his work. As well as that, during his thirty years of working as a glass artist Markku has developed new glassmaking techniques, as well as using rare techniques to push the capabilities of glass. Although expression runs throughout his work, he also experiments heavily with functional objects that can stand the test of time.

Even more impressive is that in the early 2000’s, together with the help of other artists and glassblowers, Salo founded a new glasshouse in the Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Here they are dedicated to preserving the heritage of glassmaking in the village and the continuation of glass production as a craft. Very inspiring, and a fantastic man to look up to. Here is a small selection of functional works, and some not so functional, all made by Markku Salo. More can be seen on his website linked below.