Foundation Ernst Scheidegger Archive, The Masters at Work

Hans Arp in his studio in Meudon, 1957.

I love seeing photography of creatives at work, so when I came across this imagery on the Ernst Scheidegger Archive website I couldn’t hold back, I had to share it with you all. I’ve been pretty proud with the sources that I’ve pulled over to the site this week, this one’s no different to be honest and features some of my favourite creatives, most prominently Le Corbusier, who was discussed yesterday, Salvador Dali and Hans Arp (or Jean Arp as he’s also known). We’ve talked on all of these individuals before so it seems fitting to view them painting, sculpting, and creating behind the scenes, I have to say all of them look pretty dapper in their clothes as well!

The foundation Ernst Scheidegger Archive was established in February 2010 with it’s aim to administer and preserve Ernst Scheidegger’s archive, mainly films and photographs. These compelling photographs have been placed on the foundation’s website and my favourites can be seen above and below. I’ve also placed a caption underneath each so you get an idea of who the creative is, what year they were taken, also where abouts they’re located at that current period in time. I’ve never seen such great photography of a vast array of famous artists and designers, so this archive definitely needs to be preserved, it would be a shame to see it disappear from the public eye.

Ernst Scheidegger is actually one of Switzerland’s leading photographers of the 20th century, his archive comprises some 80,000 negatives and 50,000 slides, plus countless films on artists and travelogues. What would be incredible in my eyes is just flicking through different scrap books of photographs at their headquarters, I can imagine he’s got some that haven’t been highlighted properly yet, so I’m sure it would be a great trip. I’ve got a few favourite photographs from the selection seen here, the series on Hans Arp is pretty spectacular as he sculpts some fantastic flowing forms, also Le Corbusier in his Paris studio with his bow tie and nice chequered shirt. One collection which was particularly inspiring was that of Max Bill who was a multi-faceted guy, he was a student of the Bauhaus and also taught as a professor at the Ulm School of Design. That’s one that I think you should definitely check out after, it gives an insight into his teaching and creating methods, something quite unique really. I hope you enjoy these and you’ll find plenty more on the link below.

Max Bill holding a class at the art school ‚Kunstgewerbe-schule’ in Zurich, 1945.

Le Corbusier in his Paris studio, 1954.

Max Bill working on a plaster sculpture, Ulm School of Design, 1957.

Traces of Alberto Giacometti’s sculpting with plaster, Paris, 1960.

Hans Arp working on the sculpture ‚Wolkenhirt’ (‚Cloud Shepherd’) in his studio in Paris, 1953.

Wilfrid Moser in his studio in Paris on the Avenue de Tourville, 1969.

Chillida painting modelling a clay sculpture St.Paul de Vence, 1973.

Vantongerloo was an extremely entertaining artist, always ready for a laugh and a joke, Paris, 1958.

Victor Brauner in his Paris studio, 1968.

Giacometti with two sculpture, Paris, 1954.

Salvador Dali in his studio in Portlligat, 1960.

Bill working on his model of the pavilion of the Biennale in Venice, Zurich, 1955.