From Hot Glass to Vase – GUM Series by Marion Fortat


I really liked Studio Prepa‘s last exhibition titled ‘Mold All’, which involved hot glass being moulded using a number of natural materials, mainly bark and wood. This was about integrating a natural and unpredictable element in to the making process, but was also a study in to the transformation of glass.

Danish creative Marion Fortat has gone with a similar theme in her series titled ‘GUM’, vases that are formed and then disfigured throughout the construction phase. Much like the exhibition ‘Mold All’, it’s the natural transformation that highlights the makers influence over the material, as well as this you have the element of surprise and unpredictability. These imperfections are a natural part of any craft. It’s apparent that Marion started producing functional vessels early on, but has now started to blur the line between functional and sculptural, creating one-of-a-kind objects that still link back to the utilitarian side of glass production.

Her Scandinavian influence is quite clear to see, using muted colours and simple shapes, but I also sense an appreciation for the Japanese aesthetic. The term ‘wabi-sabi’ seems to ring true in this work, wabi-sabi being the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. I hope Marion Fortat keeps experimenting on this path to see what can be produced with in her craft, for now admire her work above and below. You won’t be disappointed.






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