From Photography to Real Life – Postures Vases by Carl Kleiner & Bloc Studios

The best part about being creative is having the ability to switch between different fields and stray off the beaten path. Although you would think this happens quite often in the design world it’s actually fairly unusual to see and still work in a commercial sense. For this reason I wanted to highlight this work that’s a collaboration between photographer Carl Kleiner and Bloc Studios.

Carl Kleiner made a series of photography titled ‘Postures’ in 2014 that consisted of a series of plants supported and positioned with the help of metal rods, imitating the shapes found in the Japanese art form of Ikebana. As a spin off Block Studios worked with Carl Kleiner to produce a series called “Posture vases” that’s made up of metal wires with marble bases, making it easy to position the foliage at different angles.

Being able to move and design nature is an interesting concept to me and makes me think about how we work with nature and what our impact on nature is. Maybe I’m just thinking deeply about the meaning behind the work but at the same time they are visually pleasing and very unique, so I recommend to view the rest on the links below. Enjoy.