Furniture Design by Marco Guazzini

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Mark brought across some fantastic architecture yesterday from the good folks at Fujiwaramuro studio, I was especially impressed with their interior design and the general layout they opted for within the respective homes featured. There was a real emphasis put on generating a simplistic and natural environment with the inclusion of plants, an abundance of natural lighting and furniture of rather organic form. This latter element was something I wanted to explore a little myself today, so for the best part of this morning I’ve been on the hunt for a selection of furnishings that also enters into these very same ideals.

By chance I happened to land myself on the page of Italian designer and general creative Marco Guazzini, who has made it his life’s work to create a selection of furniture that provokes an uplifting mood through its simplistic approach. The minimal influence of Marco, which is where I instantly began to draw comparisons with the interiors of the Fujiwaramuro homes, was intensified by his time at the Fuori Salone of Zona Tortona where he was part of an action group, collaborating with a great number of established Japanese and Italian designers.

He returned to the same event again in 2012 to pick up a selection of awards for the umbrella stand (second image) and towel rack (third image) to complete the collection he picked up previously with his Japanese counterpart Tsukasa Goto. These two regularly collaborate on projects together with the top image here highlighting one of their most successful creations in unison, the steel shelving unit they have titled “Mademoiselles”.This series consists of three components of different sizes which takes its inspiration from a dance school where many dancers are practicing on various levels.

An unusual yet compelling basis to start a project, I thought it was rather fitting the pair have developed a concept for an everyday object, from an everyday scenario they had seen unfold in front of their own eyes. It’s true what they say, you never know where the next inspirational thought or concept is going to come from. Hopefully viewing this selection by Marco has motivated a few new ideas for you, personally I really enjoyed the contrast of function and the sculptural elements he has going on. Don’t just take my word for it though, there’s more to be viewed over on his online portfolio so go see what you think to the other designs he has been responsible for recently.

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