Hallo Work Light by 45KILO Designs

I’m finding quite regularly now that I go searching for one particular medium and end up finding an alternative that catches my interest instead. This happened earlier when I went about searching for an architectural project, I landed upon the page of Philipp Schopfer and Daniel Klapsing who are two designers responsible for the 45 Kilo design studio, with their latest creation the “Hallo” series really resonating with me.

What I love about this project is that the pair have taken the design down to the bare minimum and then looked at ways in which they can provide an engaging aesthetic simply through the key components. Many of you I’m sure will be making connections here with Jean Prouve’s potency light and you’d be right to given the pairs big admiration for the designer and this design of his in particular.

They explain on their website that they were taken aback by the lightness and elegance of Jean’s creation, however experienced a few issues in their opinion with regards to functionality. Philipp and Daniel wanted to allow the possibility of changing the height of the head with their light being more of a versatile spotlight opposed to a fixed piece of overall lighting.

They solved this question by including a simple strap of leather and an adjusting mechanism which gives the owner the option to alter the lamp. Personally I’m a big fan of what they’ve achieved here and enjoyed the other neighbouring designs in this series that are a bit smaller in size too. I’d recommend following them through their website if you enjoy the Prouve style of design, it’s obvious that this iconic designer has had a big influence on the work that they create.