Handcrafted Furniture By Denis Milovanov

It’s always refreshing and inspiring to see natural, sustainably sourced materials being used in the creation of new ideas. The work of Russian sculptor Denis Milovanov is a fine example of combining ingenuity with common sense, as he crafts wooden furniture out of natural wood found in dead or damaged trees.

I’ve never quite understood why there isn’t any laws or restrictions on creating objects out of materials that aren’t sustainable, or those that are impossible to recycle. So to hear of Denis presenting these 250-300 year old dying trees with a new lease of life is fantastic story to come across.

Stepping away from the politics of sustainable materials I’m in awe of these pieces that Denis has put together, they’ve got such a connection with nature. I really like the fact they feel so crafted too, you can literally see the hours of work that have gone into preparing and creating these.

Each of these pieces could tell a story on their own, to think they’ve graced the earth sometimes three times over what the majority of us will live to is remarkable. I’d love to have one of Milovanov’s creations sitting in my home one day but for the time being I’ll just have to enjoy what we have here above and below. If you’d like to see a little more from this master craftsman I’d recommend a visit to his webpage using the link below, these here are just a few of my personal favourites.