Handcrafted Paper Tableware – 21g by Korean Designer Seung Binyang


It’s exciting discovering new techniques and methods from the past that can apply even today to objects used in our everyday environment. I think that’s why I was interested in this work by Korean designer Seung Binyang, who has explored the Korean lacquer technique of Ott-chil in greater detail.

Ott-chil is lacquer made from the secretions of the “Ott” tree, which, much like Japan and the Urushi tree, is released as a response to the wounds inflicted to the surface of the tree. The finished lacquer is extremely durable and elegant, but is rarely used for mass production. So Seung Binyang visited a ott-chil craftsmen in Korea to learn the skills and apply it to his own design work.

Interestingly, in his project he has applied ott-chil to paper to make a new material for tableware that’s waterproof, durable, sterilised and eco-friendly. Although he has used many of the traditional methods to create these objects, his goal was to make something new from it and relevant to our modern day and age. Overall a great project and I recommend browse on below, and look on his website, for more inspiration. Enjoy.