Handmade Ceramics by Designlump

This is a brilliant post for any of you with those last minute buying needs, especially if you’re located near Canada or around that area. When I’m searching on the web it’s always great to come across a website that’s run by an independent that has beautiful functional items, all of which are photographed expertly and are made with quality in mind. You certainly know when a designer has an eye for what looks good!

Chifen Cheng is the owner and maker at Designlump, a small design studio specialising in handmade ceramics, which looks to explore traditional handcrafted techniques and design. Each one is made and designed by Chifen in Montreal, Canada and are all quite functional in their nature, as you can see in the pictures showcased here. They’re very clean, with a little hint of character here and there which doesn’t distract from their usage as a tool. Take for example the thin porcelain bowls which are not over-demanding in terms of colour, quite pantone in fact, and are quirkily shaped with the hand to leave little marks and touches, making them not 100% symmetrical like manufactured goods. I find this is something I’m growing more accustomed to as someone who appreciates the handcrafted nature of objects, an appreciation for imperfection I suppose.

An interesting fact about Chifen is that she’s dabbled in many different design facets previously, such as lighting, freestanding bathtubs, solid surface shower trays, and digital design, but she’s decided to leave this life of industrial manufacturing so she can create objects with soul. Making each piece embody a spirit. Luckily for us you can purchase these pieces either through one of her retailers, a list which is definitely expanding, or through her Etsy shop that has a great selection (all of the ones you see here). I’m going to head that way now to see what else I can find, I can’t wait to see Chifen’s future projects and products.



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  • chifen cheng

    Hi Mark-thank you for this lovely post! It’s an honor to be mentioned in your beautiful site.

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