Interiors Imagery from Leslie Williamson

I was browsing across the portfolio of photographer Leslie Williamson earlier and was pretty much in awe of the collection she was showcasing. We’ve featured her work in past so I thought it would be worth checking back on this rainy day, I’m rather glad I did with such a inspiring set hiding away on her personal page.

Having had previous works commissioned for the delightful Handcrafted Modern book it was clear to us that Leslie’s taste for interior design wasn’t too far away from us here on the site. So it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find some really inspiring looks of various creative peoples homes, which I’m sure you’ll agree are absolutely sublime.

I’ve got a bit of fascination with Scandinavian/Japanese minimalist design, I think it’s the combination of attention to detail in the structure and natural materials used that gets me excited when I see looks like these. Keeping things subtle and simple is something I like to try and apply to all aspects of my life, I hope one day I can afford to build something beautiful as these to live in, they’re quite heavenly!

If you’ve got a few more moments to spare why not travel over to Leslie’s page to view a little more of what she has to offer over on her portfolio. If you enjoy our site you’re in for a real treat.