J Hill’s Standard – Contemporary Cut Crystal Objects, Crafted by Hand


I’ve been waiting patiently for more information regarding a company named J Hill’s Standard, a maker of contemporary cut crystal objects in the Waterford region of Ireland. I originally heard about the project earlier in the summer through a brilliant video that you see embedded below. It features Italian designer Martino Gamper, who is shown collaborating with craftsmen at J Hill’s Standard on a series of glass tableware. Since then they’ve also added a new short film to their webpage with fellow designers Scholten & Baijings, showing similar practices of design at their studio in Amsterdam.

Interestingly, the name J Hill’s Standard derives from the maverick that is John Hill, a pioneer in crystal production who arrived in Waterford in 1783. John Hill was a glass alchemist and innovator who brought with him a wealth of knowledge and creative talent which influenced the production of lead crystal for generations. The brand is built around his legacy that set a new standard of quality and material perfection, now J Hill’s Standard look to collaborate with talented designers to create honest, functional and beautiful objects.

I was attracted to this project for the pure fact that they’re using techniques passed down through the generations to create objects relevant for our time, uplifting craft in a sense. It’s also interesting that they’ve based the brand on John Hill as it adds a great backstory, which can be explored in further detail on the website linked below. I would recommend viewing the two videos embedded here as they’re certainly relevant, I can’t wait to see who else gets involved in the project as the years roll on and what other classic pieces of design are created. I hope you enjoy.