Living in the Form of Thinking, Muji Home

I’ve always been fascinated with Muji and their branding, particularly on the Japanese side where they seem to evolve and expand at an alarming rate. They remain true to their ethos and show that you can become successful even if you make simple and basic items that we all need, and express a positive message through design.

Two projects that stood out were “Flower Muji”, which further compliments their idea of living in a natural environment and being at one with nature, then “Muji Home” which is what we are showcasing here. I picked out a series of imagery from homes that they’ve built across Japan and this all revolves around one particular quote, “Living in the form of thinking”.

I really liked this quote and it seemed relevant in every aspect, some further points that they hit upon were;
Consider the way of living according to the climate and natural energy. Contribute to a sustainable, comfortable and healthy living.

The houses are all very well designed and are also beautiful aesthetically, check out some imagery below or alternatively head over to the Muji Home page where you can see more.

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