Making Stationary with Makr Carry Goods

A brand favorite of ours here on the site is Jason Gregory’s Makr Carry Goods, we’ve had the opportunity to interview him in the past, and we just love what he’s creating. Not only does Jason and his team design and pattern all of their own products, but their studio produces all of the hand-sewn small goods in house.

So it was hardly surprising to stumble across this delightful video this morning which features an Antique printing press which Makr are using in creation of their wonderfully simplistic stationary. Although it’s only a short film it’s great to see such a classic piece of machinery being used, they really are fascinating contraptions, I’d love to have a go myself.

The one we see in the video actually got a lot of previous use helping to publish the local news in the Daytona Herald, so Jason is giving the press a new lease of life as they indent these Makr boxes. If you want to learn more about Makr Carry Goods and Jason Gregory, I’d recommend heading towards their webpage and blog – they really do sell some wonderful products.