Metal Netted Objects by Kanaami-Tsuji


When searching for new and interesting craftsman, I use my knowledge of the internet and some translation tools to find unique creatives from abroad, most notably Japan. I’m drawn to their style for mainly two reasons, tradition and authenticity. I also like the fact that objects, and design in general for that matter, is often simplified down to the bare necessities. This hits right to the core of the item and how it functions.

So I’ve decided to take the next step on my journey/fascination with Japan, and learn Japanese as a language in more detail. I feel like I can do a lot of good representing artists on this side of world and connecting them with other creative individuals, there’s so much out there that’s yet to be uncovered over here (but is much needed in the market in my opinion). As I begin on my lengthy journey I’m always on the lookout for ways of educating my mind, and learning about Japanese company Kanaami-Tsuji today really inspired me, plus it just so happens that they make some extremely beautiful products, possibly the best I’ve seen in a while.

Kanaami-Tsuji was established by head artisan Kenichi Tsuji and draws on the traditional craftsmanship of Kyo-Kanaami (metal netting), which is believed to be more than ten centuries old. They use traditional hand-weaving techniques, an example of the process seen in the photos below, such as kiku-dashi (chrysanthemum pattern) and kikko-ami (tortoise shell netting) that are traditionally used for tofu servers and tea strainers. Their goal is to use the wisdom and experience of the past to produce handmade utensils that can be used in a contemporary setting. Although using traditional methods, they’re always experimenting with, and actively incorporating, new metal weaving techniques in to their range. Never standing still! I hope you like these works, there’s plenty more to see on their website, you definitely won’t be disappointed.










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