Michael Wolff Talks On Creativity

Is This A Good Time took a moment out to sit down with respected British designer Michael Wolff for what turned out to be quite an elegant talk on creativity and the thought process behind innovational ideas. As the team sat down in one of London’s nicer hotels Michael began to unravvel his own definition of creativity in conversation, going on to explain the three main “muscles” he possesses which help him to stay sharp and bring new ideas to his line of work.

I found Michael to be quite a humble fellow and all in all a really fascinating personality to sit and listen too, just hearing the way he sees the world was quite inspiring for me. Personally I feel Michael speaks a lot of sense in the short video below, my highlight of the piece being when he remarks “thank god we have trees” which is so simple yet so true.

I’d just like to thank Michael Paredrakos for pointing me towards this charming little piece, it’s sat a little untouched over on vimeo for a few months and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s more than deserving of a little more attention.