Minka Short Film

This project has been floating around the internet for almost a year, and it is in my eyes the most inspiring film I have seen this year. After much debate I decided that if we hadn’t seen this film before, and we have been crawling the internet each day for a number of years now, chances are many of you hadn’t seen it either and this is the sort of film you just itch to share with everyone you know. This piece basically follows Japanese architect Yoshihiro Takishita as he unravels a story packed full of tradition, craftsmanship, unity and above all friendship.

The film is based around the concept of the word “Minka” which directly translates to “house of the people” a term which couldn’t be more fitting. Through Davina Pardo’s masterpiece we get to explore the story of a traditional farmhouse being constructed and the people who called it home for countless years. As Yoshihiro Takishita will soon explain below, he made an acquaintance with a Journalist who was working at the time as an international corespondent for the associated press.

A chance meeting lead to a change in direction in both of their lives, as they embarked on this new build on a breathtaking site which was set to the backdrop of the Japanese ocean. I think what I love most about this film is the collaboration of people from diverse backgrounds coming together to create something really beautiful, something that lasts. I also really admire the approach Yoshihiro has towards life, considering everything in a cycle and making the most of the timespan every object, building and ultimately each one of us has on this earth.

If you watch one video today make it this one, if you’re a fan of what we share on the site you won’t be disappointed.



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