Mixed Imagery by Kimberly Wu

My favourite sort of photography doesn’t necessarily have to be about composition or clarity but a lot of the time it’s about the subject in the photograph and the natural lighting. I prefer it when the person taking the picture is inspired by what they’re taking and is very careful about the aesthetics, Kimberly Wu definitely fits this description. She runs two fantastic websites, one more of a blog format and the other showcasing her studio and the leather items in which she produces. Really great to see an all around creative capturing her inspirations in Japan and showcasing them for all of us to admire.

I decided it would be good for me to pick out some of my favourite snaps and show off the ones that inspired me personally. The Higeta indigo studio is probably the set that really caught my eye and was interesting to research as well. I found out a lot about the area of Mashiko and how it’s known for its pottery which dates back to the Yayoi periods. The indigo dye workshop was actually built in the Edo period and is manned by Tadashi Higeta, the ninth generation of his family to run it, who has his vats full to the brim of dye. Here we can see the indigo leaves drying out and the interior of the workshop itself, if you’re interested in learning more I’d recommend checking out Ping Magazine in Japan who wrote a fantastic article on the workshop and the man himself.

There’s plenty more where this came from both on ‘UU’, her blog, and ‘BUILDING BLOCK’ which is more studio based. They’re definitely worth subscribing too and will be a regular destination in which I’ll be visiting for many months to come.