New at OEN Shop – Introducing a Selection of Japanese Matcha & Sencha

Hey! I wanted to update you on a project that I’ve been working on behind the scenes that I think you will be interested in and should give you some insight in to another direction that we will be pursuing in the future. I’m excited to see how this will all unfold and have some ideas on how to connect these two mediums cohesively.

Ceramics and tea have always gone hand in hand and there are many potters who spend most of their time centred around the production of ceramics for the tea industry. So with such strong links I always wanted to incorporate a selection of high quality tea in to the shop and it wasn’t until I visited the small town of Wazuka in Japan and connected with a family owned company called d:matcha that the light bulb finally lit up and made this possible.

More on d:matcha will come soon, as I have a feature lined up with all the different information on the area and where exactly the tea comes from, but for now I wanted to release the selection of tea and let it settle in the shop. We will only be stocking the highest quality tea that’s made both responsibly and organically. Hey, we will even have pictures from the farm and the exact area where the tea comes from! You can’t get better than that. Enjoy.

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