Obscuring Light – Brass Mirror Series & Shadow Play by Studio Falke Svatun


I tend to find myself more interested in the younger designers, those who are up and coming. Take nothing away from those that are well established, I enjoy their work too, but it’s great to give a voice to those who are on their way up and showcase some work that’s not been promoted as much.

Falke Svatun Lirhus grew up in Asgardstrand, Norway and graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney where he studied Industrial Design. After two years in Copenhagen working for Søren Rose Studio, also a short stint at Norm Architects, he has now established his own studio. Although his portfolio consists of only a few projects, what’s come of it so far includes some fantastic pieces of design that I’m hoping he will build on.

The projects I’ve picked out here are his Brass Mirror Series, the newest of the bunch, and Shadow Play which was produced in 2014. Shadow play is intriguing as it’s such a simple idea, with the idea being to obscure the light source behind a reflector making it a sculptural object with a theatrical twist. On the other hand you have the Brass Mirror Series, which is a selection of mirrors made from brass. The main surface is polished to reflect light while the edges are left raw from the cutting process. I especially like the geometric shapes, it’s great how these circular shapes fit in to other shapes to make a simple modernist item that could sit in any home. I recommend keeping an eye out for Falke Svatun, he’s definitely one for the future.