Perception of an Object – Handblown Glassware by Mark Pavlovits

It was his decade-long professional career as a gemologist that influenced how Mark Pavlovits uses the visual properties of glass today. He was especially interested in the makeup of gemstone materials and this then inspired him to start experimenting with glass as a material in his own design. His glassware consists of a range of homeware, including vases, bowls, candle holders and lamps, each with a carefully thought-through design. A collection that’s visually impressive, from crystal-like frozen flower vases to the hand-blown rock table lamps. Looking at them you stop in awe, wondering what the process is behind the creation of such beautiful artworks.

Since 2011, when Pavlovits established his studio in Los Angeles, we see some evolution in his work but he’s always stayed true to his core principles; a minimalist yet sophisticated style. Today, he also uses the unusual patterns found in nature as inspiration, most evident in the way some of the bowls and vases mimic the flow of water, possibly following the properties of glass in its fluid state.

The quality of each piece is immediately noticeable, with the glass being thick and the details intricate. It’s clear that the process from raw material to object is long and thorough. Pavlovits is inspired by traditional craft, where everything is made by hand. Each piece he creates is hand blown or assembled and fused. The pieces then go through a process of grinding and polishing to finally create the form he envisions.

One of his passions seems to be unique small, sculptural objects, most of which are limited edition works and are only made in small batches a few times a year. It’s obvious he’s playing with light and shadow as we see his beautiful black and white photography here that highlights the special relationship between object and light itself. A wonder and the main beauty of working in glass as a medium.

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