Progressive & Elegant – Fold Series by Industrial Designer Olivier Gregoire

Sometimes you come across work that really captivates your imagination and gets you thinking creatively. This series titled ‘Fold’ by Industrial designer Olivier Gregoire did exactly that with his series of chairs that consist of fibreglass that has been folded in unique positions to create furniture that’s both functional and intriguing on the eye.

The production process was something that I wanted to talk about here. A single chair was originally designed for Acne Studios as a limited edition but was later made in to collection and adapted specifically to fit mass production. I’ve touched upon this before, but often these beautiful pieces are of furniture are designed well but are unable to reach more people due to production restraints, that’s why I was happy to see these works that are not only sculptural but could also find their way in to different environments and actually be used by more people.

Fibreglass is unique in the regard that you can use these chairs both indoors and outdoors. It also has the unique property of being strong and hard wearing, all of these make it flexible in its overall use. Here are a few photos from Olivier Gregoire’s portfolio of the fold series, he’s a talented designer and one you should bookmark if you haven’t come across his work before. Enjoy.