Pure White Vessels by Takashi Sogo

Right, this is it. I promise today will be the final time this week that I showcase my favourite Japanese ceramic artists, to be fair it’s quite easy to pick them out because there are so many good ones in that area of the world. As my final post I decided to pull out a specific series from one of my favourites at the moment named Takashi Sogo, his works have been inspiring me for a little while and I’ve saved some in a scrapbook for inspiration.

It’s probably no secret that we’ve both been going to a pottery studio on a regular basis to learn how to throw on the wheel. It’s not an easy task but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone out there, because it’s actually quite relaxing and therapeutic. Also, I’m really reaping the rewards at the moment thanks to the fact that you progress quite quickly once you grasp the basic skills.

Moving onto this actual series and the creator, Mr Sogo was born in Tamano, Okayama Prefecture and had an education in Art, later focusing on pottery exclusively. In early 2000 he went over to America to work as a resident artist at the North Carolina Pottery Center, and on his return set up a STUDIO T POTTERY, a workshop overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, a body of water separating Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, three of the main islands of Japan.

And to be honest his products match this blissful setting that I now picture in my head, his work is very tranquil and simplistic but at the same time full of spirit, something that’s quite unique. For example these objects and vessels that you see before your eyes were created with the intention of exploring the idea of whiteness, both spiritually and as a direct colour. Takashi says on his collection page that he’s been attracted to the form that emerges from the whiteness for quite a while, and this was experimentation around that concept. For some maybe this minimal aesthetic is a bit too much, so for you guys I’d urge you towards his portfolio on the link below, he has a wide array of other work that’s worth exploring. Most notably some red clay with a white glaze, which creates some great character on the simple forms, also pots with an ash glaze which leaves a black type exterior. Mr Sogo is definitely worthy of some praise. Enjoy.



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